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What happens once the buyer and seller sign a Florida real estate contract?
Who directs where the earnest money deposit is held, and which title company will handle your closing?
What does a title company do in Florida?
What is a title search?
What kinds of problems can a title search reveal?
Are there any problems a title search cannot reveal?
How much does a title search cost in Florida?
What is title insurance?
How much does title insurance cost in Florida?
Who pays for title insurance at closing in Florida?
Who chooses the title company in Florida?
Who has the right to make the ultimate choice?
Is title insurance transferable?
How do you transfer a title in Florida?
What is the cost of title transfer in Florida?
What is a closing?
What are closing costs?
What is the most important factor to you when choosing a title insurance company in Broward County and other South Florida counties?

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