Why Choose a Title Company vs. a Real Estate Attorney

Why Choose a Title Company vs. a Real Estate Attorney

In Florida, you have a choice: You can hire a title insurance company or a real estate attorney for your real estate purchase or sale. When you’re considering choosing a title company vs. real estate attorney, you should think about the entire closing process and your closing experience. The closing experience and title product you will receive can vary significantly. So, when you’re seeking a title company or real estate attorney, here are a few attributes to look for;

  • Communication - are they efficient and transparent?
  • Trust - do they have a 5-star rating online?
  • Security - do they follow ALTA and CFPB?
  • Age of company - are they older than 15 years, so they were in business before the most recent real estate boom and bust?
  • Company values - do they align with your values?
  • Technology - do you have access to your file 24/7?
  • Flexibility - Can you close anytime, anywhere? Is e-sign available?
  • Your overall "closing experience" - will you be happy with your overall experience when you walk away from the closing table?

Choose the title company or real estate attorney that provides most, if not all of these.Naturally, at Title Partners of South Florida, we strive to maintain all of these attributes and we strongly suggest partnering with a title company for your real estate closing. Here's why:

Communication And Trust

Our dedication to superior customer service, and our efficient and transparent communication system are why thousands of homebuyers and sellers have chosen Title Partners of South Florida to handle their closings since 1995. Check out our reviews on Google, Yelp or Facebook. Social proof is an essential tool for selecting a title company. It shows you:

  • How well the company handles the closing process, especially for first-time homebuyers
  • How fast and efficiently the company communicates with clients throughout the closing process
  • How the company handles the closing of home purchases for people who live outside the city – or even outside the country
  • How well the company keeps the client informed about the details and steps of the process
  • How satisfied you are likely to be after the closing is completed

Security And Regulatory Compliance

Choosing a title company with strict regulatory compliance is essential. Attorneys are not regulated by the Florida Department of Financial Services as title companies are. Also, a title company that has the ALTA (American Land Title Association) best practices certification will:

  • Comply with all state and federal laws and regulations
  • Ensure that all employees are constantly updated with newly released ALTA policies, procedures and standards
  • Provide adequate protection for all customers' personal and financial information
  • Adopt and sustain the use of best practices in title insurance and the closing process pursuant to ALTA standards

Title Insurance Customized To Your Needs

All title insurance issues, questions and recommendations are best handled by a title company. You should purchase title insurance from a title insurance company because:

  • Owner's title insurance will protect you against any loss that can arise due to undiscovered defects with the title of the property.
  • The lender's title insurance policy that you are required to pay for by the lender as part of your loan requirements, cannot shield you from losses due to unforeseen title issues.
  • The title company will conduct a thorough title search and examination, and provide you with peace of mind that you are purchasing the property without any liens, encumbrances or title issues.
  • Any title errors, such as omission in deeds, undisclosed heirs, fraud and forgery, will be detected and cleared while conducting the title research for you.

Your Overall Closing Experience

Working with a title company is not just about signing documents and buying title insurance. At Title Partners of South Florida, we always strive to provide you with a unique and memorable closing experience.We pride ourselves on being:

  • Thorough and Proficient: We employ a unique triple-check system to ensure there are no omissions that bring up issues at the time of closing.
  • Prompt and Efficient: We deliver your title insurance policy to you at the closing table, so you don't have to wait for several months to receive it in the mail – which many title companies and real estate attorneys don't do.
  • Flexible: We can accommodate you regardless of your work schedule and location. We provide a secure online platform, which you have instant access to your documents from any computer or mobile device from any location. You may also use the platform to sign documents electronically and we have mobile closers available to assist you wherever you’re located and whenever you’re available.
  • Memorable: Our mission is to provide you with the most professional, engaging and memorable "closing experience" in the industry. From the moment you start communicating with us through the actual closing, our #1 goal is to provide you with an overall feel-good experience and for you to walk away from the closing table with a positive, long-lasting memory.

These unique traits have prompted thousands of clients to choose Title Partners of South Florida since 1995 and many to give us 5-star ratings across several online review platforms.When you need to make a choice for a title insurance company vs. real estate attorney, remember that title companies like Title Partners of South Florida offer the type of service that attorneys’ offices don’t generally offer.Give us a call today at (954) 566-6000 or fill out our convenient online form for a free, no-obligation quote. We'll show you how we make your closing experience the best part of your entire home purchase or sale!]]>

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